Hand Feeding Pipettes

plastic, available in five sizes: regular 6" (capacity is 3.5 ml), fine-tip 6" (capacity is 3.5 ml),
mini 3.5" (capacity is 1 ml), mini fine tip 3.5" (capacity is 1 ml) or large 6" (capacity is 6 ml) size.

Hand Feeding Syringes

Silicone seal ring - available in the following six sizes:

Hand Feeding Syringes

With flexible latex tips, available in these three sizes:

Teats (Infusion cannula)

.20 cents each or 100 for $15.00.  Small, white plastic tips that attach onto the end of a luer lock syringe for use in very small mouths.  These teats are approx. an inch and a third long and  graduate to a size that is similar in size to a ball point pen.  These work with the luer lock syringe.

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