Personalized Small Aluminum Bands

Minimum order 25 bands per size and set-up desired. These can be imprinted with up to four intials of your choice plus the year, your state abbreviation and a series of consecutive numbers.  (exception:  the canary size is so small that the state abbreviation may not fit depending on what other markings are to be imprinted).

PLEASE NOTE:  Some hookbills may manipulate and/or remove split open bands; especially lovebirds, conures and quakers.  They could remove them or squeeze them tighter onto their leg.  Closed bands are best for these types of birds.

These six sizes are available either open or closed in your choice of the following eight colors:

Black, blue, yellow, green, Orange, Red, Violet, Silver

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Prices are subject to change - Please call or view brochure for current pricing