Bird Nets

Nets have polyester netting, wood handles, spring steel hoops and vinyl binding around the hoops. (No binding on extra small nets)

Band Cutters - Remove unwanted bands. These are great for small-sized, aluminum or plastic bird bands, such as a parakeet or cockatiel. Unfortunately, they will not work on the aluminum or stainless steel parrot bands:

$ 14.95 each

Claw Scissors - Two sizes available!  Small, lightweight version for small birds or a larger version for parrots.  Notched blade.

Small size - $11.49 each

Large size - $14.95 each

Ketch-All Mouse Traps - The world's best automatic mouse trap.  Reusable and available with or without drowning attachment.

$ 22.50 each trap (trap only)

$ 29.00 each trap with drowning attachment

Stainless Steel Bowls - Polished, lead-free.
Perfect for aviary, poultry, or pets.

Available in Hook-On Hanger style.


64 oz. bowl with hanger or clamp

$12.00 each or five for $57.50

96 oz. bowl with hanger or clamp

$15.00 each or five for $72.50

Band Appliers - For ease of application of open small aluminum bands.  Five sizes - canary, parakeet, English parakeet, Cockatiel and lovebird.

$12.95 each         

SNAP-E MOUSETRAP & BIG SNAP-E RAT TRAP - Easy to bait.  Easy to set.  Easy to release.

Made of durable polystyrene and steel for years of use.  A newer, better version of the traditional mousetrap.

Snap-E Mousetrap $4.50 each

Big Snap-E Rat Trap   $6.50 each

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